Tips and Tricks for Better Working with Microsoft Internet Explorer

Undoubtedly Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox are well-discussed topics that are the reason people who are still enjoying Microsoft internet explorer feels left out. However if this is the only reason you are planning to switch, then it’s time you must  know some of the most interesting tips and tricks which will turn your working with IE interesting and enjoyable.

In case you are still planning to download Microsoft internet explorer, then it’s time you take some action. IE 9 can be mentioned as one of the best version of the company.  It also turns up with some of the finest features which will not just assist you in turning your work easy but will let you enjoy your working.

microsoft internet explorer support

Pin Websites to Taskbar – When we talk about some of the best features we get to enjoy with IE, no doubt this one particular feature have to be listed on the top. All you have to do is to drag and drop the icon of the website which you would like to pin from internet explorer’s address bar to windows taskbar.

Trim Add-On For Speed – Capability to identify and disable offenders which are delaying your work is actually not that easy to find, however once you Download latest Microsoft internet explorer you’ll be provided the same.

Lock Preferred Search Provider – Are you aware that you can stop applications from manipulating your browser settings? Yes, though you will get complete information when you call support for IE, but just to serve you with the zest, you can actually stop other application from changing your preferred browser settings without taking permission from you.

Reopen Closed Tabs – Because this feature was missing when internet explorer 7 arrived, most of the users are still not aware. However, it’s time you update your knowledge quotient with the fact that now you can reopen recently closed tabs using recently closed submenu.