How to Troubleshoot IE Crashes Handily?

Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers. Although, it comes preinstalled in the operating system, it is essential to Troubleshoot or Update Internet Explorer from time to time to improve your browsing speed, online security, compatibility with extensions and add-ons like as download managers and toolbars. You should update Internet explorer regularly whatever version you are using, to minimize errors and enhance IE performance. You also need to troubleshoot IE crashes that occur because of buggy browser add-on, incompatibilities with hardware and malware infections. There are some ways that can cover its all issues remarkably.

Use IE without Add-ons

IE bugs normally occur due to buggy toolbars and other add-ons. If you may face add-ons issues, then you should run your browser without add-ons. Internet Explorer will open up, and if no crashes arise, then add-ons are the cause of crashes. If the problem remains same, then it has another issue. To fix problem, you can also disable add-ons one by one to tackle the reason behind this.

microsoft internet explorer support

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

You can also reset IE browser settings to the defaults that can be helpful for you to resolve different problems of browser. You first need to open up Internet Options window from the device menu, and then select the advanced tab and reset settings of your browser by clicking at reset button. Before confirming, one thing you need to make sure is that settings will be reset.

Perform Malware Scan

Malware or viruses can also be the reason of applications crashes, especially web browsers such as IE. If your browser is crashing frequently, then you need to scan your device with antivirus software program such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Install Updates

You can fix crashes by installing the latest update of IE. You can also resolve issues by updating security software application such as antivirus programs and firewalls. If you have a hardware related problem, then you need to update graphics driver that enable to GPU work properly.

Still, if you unable to troubleshoot Internet explorer crashes, then you can address your queries by calling at Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Number. If you want to get instant support, then it is better to visit at directories available over the web such as Contactforhelp, to find immediate resolution of your queries.


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