How to Check Mozilla Firefox for a Virus

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers today but a common problem faced by its users is that it can be infected by certain forms of malware and viruses at the time of download and installation of the latest version. When the browser is infected, it can behave in an erratic manner, with implications such as risk to your data and appearance of unwanted pop-up menus. There might even be a crash of the browser or the home page settings may be changed. While you may get resolution of virus issues related to the browser by connecting with Mozilla Firefox support phone number, it is most important to detect the virus which has inflicted the browser.

Here are the ways to check Mozilla Firefox for a virus:

Using the Safe Mode

You can start the Mozilla Firefox in the Safe Mode by holding the Shift key as you launch the browser and this will open up a dialog box for the same. Once started in the Safe Mode, the default settings would be applied temporarily and any themes and add-ons/extensions you may have installed would be disabled. There are certain extensions that can corrupt the browser and using the browser in Safe Mode ensures that this does not happen.

Using an Anti-malware Software

There are certain anti malware software which is specifically equipped to scan the computer for viruses; Windows Defender app and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free are the popular examples of such software. Using the latest versions of software is another way to detect the virus which could have infected the Firefox.

mozilla firefox support phone number

For the user encountering virus issues related to the browser, expert support is available at Mozilla Firefox customer service number, but it is common to find these numbers busy or calls put on long hold. The best option in such an event is to place a call at one of the alternative numbers provided at online directories such as Contactforhelp. At these numbers, you can get instant help from experts to resolve the issues in minutes.


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