How to Download Opera Internet Browser

Internet browsers play a key role for internet users as they ensure an uninterrupted and speedy connectivity for them. Some of the most commonly used web browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Opera is also another great alternative to these browsers because of its excellent features. It is east to download opera internet browser directly from the website link or help can be sought from customer support. Here are the steps you need to follow to download and install the browser:

Check the requirements for downloading the browser

  • On the Windows 8 Start screen, you have to type PC Info, followed by clicking on “PC Info” in the search results. The PC and Devices screen opens up next.
  • Make sure that the computer has 512 MB or more of RAM available; you can do this by checking out the Installed RAM field.
  • Navigate to the desktop by pressing Windows-D.
  • Next you have to open the This PC window by clicking the File Explorer folder. This will display the available space on the primary hard drive, in the form of grey letters right beneath the C drive. A minimum of 300 MB of the available disk space is needed to run Opera on your computer.

Downloading and installing Opera

  • Start by opening the Web Browser and then navigate to the download page for Opera.
  • Click Free Download to start downloading automatically.
  • Once the download is complete, click File Explorer, followed by clicking Downloads.
  • Now you have to launch the setup for the browser by double clicking the Opera setup file. Once done, the file will be extracted and the dialog box for Opera Installer will appear.
  • Then click “Accept and Install”, after which a progress bar will appear on the screen. As soon as it reaches the end, the dialog box will close and the web browser will be installed.

contact opera customer support

These simple step by step guidelines will help you set up the browser, but if you encounter any issues, you can get in touch with the Opera customer service phone number. In case the number turns up busy, calling an alternative one from an online directory such as Contactforhelp would be a good option as you can get 24/7 expert support here.